My A-list/ A-list Request

What are A-list requests used for?

- Build your IM buddy list
Add members to your buddy list by sending them a A-list request and once accepted they will appear on your IM buddy list and you can chat with them conveniently when ever they are online. 

- Limit who can view your profile
You can choose who can view your profile and set your profile to viewed by your A-list only. To set your privacy to A-lists only, go to Settings -> Privacy Settings make the necessary changes and click Submit.

- Limit who can view your photos
Each photo album you create, you can set the permission who can view your album. You can limit your photos to be viewed by A-list only, password protect them or have them public.

- Ice breakers
You can use A-list request as an ice breaker to show the other user that you are interested of them. If they accept, the feeling is mutual.

You can choose to get notified of new A-list requests by going to Settings -> Notification Settings and check-mark the notifications you want to receive. 

How do I send a A-list request?
When you come across a profile that looks inviting you can click on the “Send A-list request” link. The person you are inviting to your A-list must accept the invitation before he or she appears on your A-list.

Having members on your A-list makes it easier to communicate with them.