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You can easily use our one-on-one chat system while logged in. To start chatting with someone, click on the chatbar link 'Who's Online', Choose a member and start chatting. On the desktop version you can also click the link 'Chat with Me' where ever you see it's available.

While on one-on-one chat with someone, you can:
- Save the conversation
- View your previous chat history
- Report conversation
- Block the member
- and play two player games

To block a member, just open the one-on-one chat with a member and click on the red block icon and that member won't be contacting you through the chat anymore. To unblock someone open 'Chat Options' -> click on 'Manage Blocked Users' on the bottom of the window -> choose who to unblock.

If someone is sending harrasing messages and you want to bring them to our attention, you can report the member to us by choosing 'Report Conversation' next to the block option.

Talk with your Facebook and Gtalk friends while on Match Ebony
Start by choosing whether you would like to chat with your Gtalk or Facebook friends. Facebook Connect allows you to login without providing your authentication credentials but you'll need to be logged in to Facebook.

Once logged in you can immediately start chatting with your Gtalk or Facebook friends. If you need to logout, you can find the logout link from the same location as where you logged in.

Custom status messages
You can write your own status text under 'Chat Options'. The member chatting with you will see your status text on top of the chat window

Under 'Chat Options' you can disable sound and popup notofications, change your status message and choose your status from:
- Available
- Busy
- Invisible
- Offline

Throughout the site you might see text next to the members username 'Online Now' but if you don't find them from the chat list, it could be that they closed their chat bar or changed their status to offline. Try sending them a regular private message instead.

If IM is not working for you, it may be for the following reasons:
- The user is accessing via an unsupported mobile device and did not receive your chat request.
- Also if the member has turned off their IM, they will still appear online on the website but will not receive your message until they turn on their IM again.
- The user may be away from their computer.
- The user is away from

Mobile chat
After login, click on the chat tab to see who's are available to chat. If you are away from the chat but still browsing, you will get a notification on your chat tab when you receive a new message.

The mobile version of the chat is a limited version of the chat. The features that are available for the desktop version but are missing from the mobile version:
- Save the conversation
- View your previous chat history
- Report conversation
- Block the member
- Play two player games
- Change your status text