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Messaging on MatchEbony is free. New messages you will find from your inbox. There is a bar that indicates how full your mailbox is. Mailbox = the amount of messages in your inbox + sent messages together. If your mailbox is full you wont receive new messages until you delete some old messages. 

Was my message read?
You can see if your sent message was read by going to the sent folder and if the envelope is opened, that indicates that your message was read.

Can't find a message?
If you receive a notification about a new message but can't find it from your inbox it could be that member and the message was removed due to spammy content. 

Messages older than 120 days will be deleted. So login and check your messages frequently. 

New message notification
You can turn on/off the email notification of a new private message by going to -> Settings -> Notification Settings -> Edit the settings and click Submit.

The system won't let me send any more messages
With a free account you can:

1) Send certain amount of messages per day. To send basically unlimited messages per day you need to upgrade. View the current message limitations (free versus paid) on Upgrade page

You can either upgrade or wait till next day to send more messages.

2) Your message storage is limited and the storage includes sent messages. To view the size of you mailbox visit your Mailbox or the Upgrade page

To be able to send and receive messages again, you need to delete some of the old ones or you can upgrade your account and enjoy a bigger mailbox storage.

I get a message that the member I'm trying to send message to has their mailbox full
When somebody's mailbox is full, you can send them a gift instead. If you are a paid member you can send a message with your gift.

What are ice breakers?
You can send member a quick short message to see if they are interested. The received ice breakers will appear in your inbox. Sent ice breakers are not stored in your sent folder or mailbox and there for sent ice breakers won't occupy mailbox storage.