Block / Report a User

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What is the difference between blocking and reporting someone?

Block a member
You block someone if you don't want them to contact you. You'll find the block link from the members profile or from the message that they have sent you. You can manage the members that you have blocked under Blocked members (icon top right).

Report a user
You should report someone who is unsuitable for dating or is violating the terms of the site. We investigate all reported users.

If you report member due to harassment we recommend that you save the messages that the person sent to you, so that when we get your user report we have evidence of harassing behavioral and can delete the member based on that. 

Depending of the reason of the report, we either send a notice or remove the member.

If you have a problem with a member you can contact our Customer Service as well.

By reporting violations, you not only protect yourself but also help keep a safe dating environment for all.