Safe Online Dating

We screen all profiles
We work hard to offer you safe online dating environment. We run an automated screening on registration to trap the obvious scammers and spammers. We also manually screen our dating profiles.

Report scammers
Despite of our security measures, if you come across a scammer or a spammer report them to us by clicking the 'Report' link on their profile. Every report is processed by the site staff, we'll go through the profile thoroughly and make a decision based on that. You can also block members but blocking only blocks the member from contacting you but if you want to bring the profile to our attention, please report the member.

Report people unsuitable for dating
By reporting such violations, you not only protect yourself but also help keep a safe dating environment for all. has very strict rules against pornographic, violent, or otherwise offensive photos and profiles. Simply go to the violator's profile and click on the 'Report' link.

Together we can make online dating safer!

Your privacy
Your email address, first and last name and date of birth are NOT shown publicly on your profile. You can also password protect your photo albums on Match Ebony and choose who you share you photos with. You can also make your dating profile private and share it with members that you have accepted as your friends.

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We want to educate our members on how to be safe online and offline.

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MatchEbony does not conduct criminal background screenings of its members or subscribers of this website.