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If you are experiencing problems uploading pictures from your iPhone/iPad, please update to the latest software version on your gadget and this should fix the problem. If you are still having difficulties uploading pictures from your mobile, please contact our Customer Service but before that check the following:

Picture size and format
- Max photo size 400kb
- Min photo dimensions 200px x 200px
- Format JPG, GIF or PNG

You can upload pictures that are no larger than 400kb. To reduce the size of a picture you need to use an image editing application. A picture with excellent resolution suitable for the web should be no larger than 75Kb.

To edit your photos you get a free app for your Android Here or for your iPhone/iPad Here. Or additionally search the app-store for photo editor. 

Profile picture
To add/edit your profile photo go to Photos -> Primary Photo. This photo will be visible to all even you've set your profile and photos private. In this case we recommend that you upload pictures to your album instead. 

Photo album
To add photos to your album, you can either choose to create a new album or to upload to an existing album by choosing Manage Pictures -> Add Pictures. For each folder you can set a permission who can view them. The options are: dates only, password protected album or public album.

Remember our photo policy:
- Photos of famous people are not allowed 
- Only pictures containing your face and of you only will be approved 
- Photos that are not relevant to this site will be deleted 
- No group photos. No one else should be in the photo with you
- If you do not want to upload a photo showing your face, then please don't upload any photos, this way you respect those who choose to exclude profiles without a photo from their match results.