10+ Date Ideas to Get You Started

10+ Date Ideas to Get You Started
First dates, what an excellent excuse to try out something new. Try a new restaurant, bar or coffee house in your city. Here we have 10+ date ideas to help you get started and help you find the right activity for your first date.

1. Meet for few drinks
Visit a nice bar in your city for a few drinks or cocktails. As you might know, after a drink or two, it’s easier to loosen up and have more personal conversation. If it's your first date, just remember to keep the amount of drinks in 1-2 because you wouldn't want to do something that you would regret later on and alcohol is known to hinder your judgement.

2. Go out for coffee
You can find lot of cozy and nice cafes out there. It’s also a great and affordable way to start your date and see if you hit it off. Try out some special made coffee, enjoy your company and if you both are having a good time you might want to continue your date and maybe try out something else from this list.

3. Visit the local park
You can find nice parks in every city for you to enjoy. Take a walk while holding hands. You can also have a romantic picnic on the park, make it more romantic with some chocolate, strawberries and possibly a class of bubbly.

4. Exercise together
If you are both athletic and enjoy exercise, this could be the date idea for you. You don't necessary need to go to a gym. There are several first date activities that you can enjoy with your active date. Go indoor or outdoor rock climbing, try hiking, or do a partner exercise in the park.

5. Tour your city
There are several activities that you can do in any city. Go to a comedy club, play a game of pool, do wine tasting, visit funfair, take a class of couples dancing or go ice skating.

6. Search for local happenings
Search the web or local newspaper for for upcoming events that you could join with your date. Look for example concerts, fairs, galleries or open parties.

7. Go bike riding
If you both outdoorsy and like to take bike rides or even ride a motorcycle, try something new and go around town riding your bikes. Just admire the view and maybe stop by somewhere to get a refreshing smoothies and have a chat.

8. Play minigolf
Minigolf is a great outdoor activity and an inexpensive date idea. Spending the day outside and participating in unwinding and pleasant exercises makes it a good date idea. If neither of you don’t have any minigolf or golf experience, it can make playing a round of minigolf a fun and captivating. Don't stress over committing errors or missing a few shots, just have fun and laugh it off.

9. Go out for a dessert or ice cream
Why not try a fancier restaurant and just have desserts or just go out and have an ice cream. Add this as a part of your date or do this just as is.

10. Cook your date a dinner
Show off your cooking skills and cook your date a homemade dinner. Do this only if you are comfortable inviting your date to your home. There is another option to do this as well, check if your city offers a cooking classes for two, where in the end you can have the food that you prepaired as a dinner. This option might be a bit pricier than preparing the meal yourself. The more affordable option, specially if you are yet not that experienced with cooking is that you can purchase take-out and serve it in a romantic way.

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Do you have first date ideas? Let us hear them and comment below.