Ingredients for an Awesone Dating Profile

Ingredients for an Awesone Dating Profile
Start writing your dating profile by imagining yourself meeting someone new for the first time in a casual setting in a coffee shop, a bar, or at a friend's place. What would you tell this person about yourself? Now use the same method when writing your dating profile.

Follow a casual approach when writing your online dating personal. Let people get to know you but avoid ending up writing a boring resume. Sprinkle a little humor on your dating profile and build it fun and attention-grabbing.

It's enough that you profile is about 300-350 words long, with 250-300 about yourself, and 50-100 words telling about the of person you are looking for. Serious daters tend to skip profiles that just say "if you want to know more, just ask me". Someone who has filed their profile well are likely to be contacted by the right kind of person.

What to write on your dating profile?

About me

- What do you do?
Write about career history and plans. What are your future career aspirations. Do you study or are you looking to study? When you talking first time to someone face to face, we tend to talk about what we do and ask other what they do. Works great on your profile as well. Keep it brief. 

- Do you have children, tell a little about them.
Obviously this is a big part of your life, and sure interests that someone who reads your dating profile. It's enough to just mention their ages, and if they live with you.

- Have you lived in a different state or country?
Mention places that you have lived in, specially if you have moved around a bit in your life or just moved to where you live now. People may find connection there and if you are new in town, you might find yourself a tour guide.

- Do you speak a foreign language?
This attract attention. At the same mention family genealogy because people may find a connection there as well (e.g. I have a Jamaican or Dominican mother).

- What do you like to do to entertain yourself?
Use your imagination and bit of humor.

- How are socially?
Are you a social butterfly or a shy person? What activities do you do with your friends? What kind of relationship do you have with your family? You can just simply mention that you enjoy spending time with your family or so.

- Do you like pets and do you have any of your own
Good thing to mention.

About my match

- Mention deal breakers
When you are describing your match, do mention definite deal breakers. If you don't want to date a smoker or men who have kids, mention it. But be careful not to restricting yourself too much.

- What are you looking for
Are you looking for someone to have a serious relationship with or just new friends e.g. "looking to get to know nice and interesting people to hang out with".

- Filter out unwanteds
Instead of writing "I'm looking for someone fun and humorous," say, "I'm looking for a lighthearted man between the ages of 24 and 29 who enjoys the humorous side of life. If you are clean-shaven and can hold a conversation during a 150 mile car journey, then we may be a match. Message me." In the example, you created three filters - an age filter (24 and 29), and appearance filter (clean-shaven) and a communication filter (good-communicator). And you did it without offending.

Happy dating!
Even if nothing happens romance-wise, you can always make some new good friends!