Supercharge Your Dating Profile with the Right Kind of Photo

Supercharge Your Dating Profile with the Right Kind of Photo
Represent yourself with a right kind of photo. Having a photo is the single most critical part of online dating personals. Let’s start with the positive and first go through the kind of photo you should be uploading. Don’t forget that if you don't want to share your photos with the world you can use password protected photo albums on Match Ebony and choose who you share it with. It's free to create photo albums and password protect them.

Photo Do’s
- Use a recent photo
- Take solo shots
- Use quality images
- Dress to impress
- Upload secondary pictures to your photo album
- Update your photos regularly

Photo Don’ts

- Not posting a photograph
Would you want to date a faceless profile? First question that comes on my mind: What are you hiding? Are you married?

- Posting a photograph that is several years old
Are you planning to use that 10 years old picture, after which you have gained 15lbs and got a few gray hairs? You probably think you still look the same but others may disagree. If you are planning to meet someone face to face, you probably shouldn't do this.

- Is that little figure in the background you?
Same as the first one: What do you have to hide? Take your camera out and take a nice new face shot of yourself.

- Goofy and strange photos
Deer in the headlights? Or do you look in your photo like you just smelled something bad? If you are unsure about your photo, ask help from a friend. Not you mom but a friend, and preferably a friend of opposite gender.

- Group photos
Is that you, or is it you on the right or maybe it’s you on the background? Another thing about group photos is that, do the other people in the picture want to be on this dating site?  

- Take off those sunglasses
I can kind of see you but those sunglasses hide half of your face. Stop hiding!

- Party photos
Yes, we got it, you like to party. Even thou we don’t think that you party 5 days a week, like it’s you job but photos like this might weed out few potential candidates.

- Showing too much skin
With this kind of photo you most likely will not get the responses that you’d wish, if you are a woman. You probably won’t get any responses if you are a guy. Sure there are exceptions, but not many :)

Why some wouldn't upload a photo?
- They aren't taking online dating seriously. Should you take them seriously when they contact you?
- They are insecure about how they look.
- Others may just not want to be seen on an online dating site, as they think someone they know will find them on their.

Even we recommend to upload profile photo or at least photos to your password protected photo albums, we understand that everyone doesn't want to upload photos for privacy reasons. But be aware if someone is trying to lure you to another site or asks you to give them your email address so that they could send you their photos, proceed with caution they could be spammers.

Create a free anonymous email address just for dating purpose. You can register email addresses for free e.g. at, and