How to Get More Views to Your Dating Profile?

How to Get More Views to Your Dating Profile?
There are several ways to get more views to your dating profile. The best way to get more views is to be active on the site. Try these tips:

- Write a Chatter
Your chatter is visible on the chatter page and homepage (when logged in). A chatter can be a short message saying what's up or you can write more, up to 300 characters.

- Upload a profile photo
This is one of the most effective way to get more views. On the spotlights we show members with photos only. If you want to be seen, upload a profile photo.

- Update your photos regularly
This re-freshes your profile and get's you those views.

- Create a catchy profile headline
A good profile headline will get attention. Update it regularly.

- Login daily
Login and be seen. Members last logged in are displayed on the sidebar/homepage. You must have profile photo to be displayed.

- Write comments on chatters and discussions
This brings attention to your profile. And maybe someone really likes what you got to say and shares your point of view. This can be great ice breaker.

- Send plenty of messages, gifts and friend requests
We recommend making a lot of initial contact attempts. After all, sending out messages, gifts and friend requests is FREE!